Debuting right before the start of their joint European tour in 2023, Apocalyptica recruit Epica’s Simone Simons to “Rise Again“. Meeting the unique Finnish Metal force with her own, delicate, vocals, Simone brings dynamic force to a melancholic, yet bright new track.

Once again, Apocalyptica brings the endless mass of emotions on another brilliantly composed track that features expressive cellos, intricate drumming, and a beautiful storyline throughout. Simone’s added vocal prowess puts another layer of intricacy in this already complex, and deeply emotional track with her strong, angelic sound. Playful in its introduction, the lyrics quickly pull us into something darker, shadowed by the demons that pursue us.

The exquisite performance in this video, from the muted palette of reds and blues, cascaded in milky white and shadow to play on our characters is stunningly captivating. Quickly pulled in by the sinking form that floats, near lifeless, in the waterways, we feel compelled to look back at the memories, and retrace the steps that led to the events before us.

My world is caving in. It holds me back and I can’t breathe. Let me go,” lingers on like a forsaken lullaby; quickly grasping our attention despite the playful melody at the vocal heels. It’s deep, sorrowful, and filled with questions.

I don’t know what to believe. Won’t you hear me screaming out. I feel so lost and numb inside. Will I ever rise.” Comes in on an unhinged climax building up. Plagued with more questions than answers, and hollowed out by the visual complexities in this story’s creation, I feel my heart sinking.

If we cast the dampness of our reflection, our inner criticisms aside, we may muster the courage to push forward, to work together with the inner demons to move forward – to indeed, Rise Again.

APOCALYPTICA‘s Eicca Toppinen comments: “It was so great to make “Rise Again” with Simone Simons! When we were putting the Epic Apocalypse tour together, we were thinking of making this collaboration with Epica even deeper by releasing a song together. “Rise from our Cell-0 album had the beauty and feel which we felt could fit perfectly for Simone‘s unique voice. We are so happy about the song and really excited about this tour with Epica as it will be something really special and amazing!

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