Blazing in with a cinematic sound that could be featured in any upcoming Fantasy saga, Xandria‘s title track of “The Wonders Still Awaiting” from the new album of the same name left me in awe. Stirring from the crashing waves after six years of silence, Xandria once more leaves us breathless.

The pioneers of German Symphonic Metal have now unveiled their upcoming album’s title track alongside a spectacular official music video. Combining the expansive vocal abilities of new vocalist Ambre Vourvahis, alongside a real choir and captivating orchestra, and orchestration brilliance by Lukas Knöbl – the new single brings listeners new and old to their knees. Songwriter Marco Heubaum masterfully focused on the strengths of the band, delivering a track that has me listening again and again at full volume.

Angelic vocals trickle down sculpted guitar riffs and melodic drumming, backed be enigmatic orchestration that paints a true blue skyline speckles with snow. It’s a beautiful mixture of powerful expression in the choir performance, and fragility; whilst simultaneously coming in thunderously heavy on bass and relentless guitar shredding.

XANDRIA on the new single:
“As one more taste of our upcoming album, The Wonders Still Awaiting (out February 3, 2023 via Napalm Records), we proudly present you the title song of it. We think that together with the songs you’ve heard so far, it gives you a hint of what to expect, and that it will be musically about a lot of powerful and magical atmosphere. 
But every song on this album will be its own little universe to explore, its own story and altogether it will be quite a journey of wonders and surprises… “

This song truly had me in awe, leaving me breathless with its masterful blend of heavy metal and orchestrated perfection. An Escapist’s glory, retold in lines like “Lead me and show me the wonders beyond” sung in the unison of a beautiful choir, and accompanied by the chorus “See the stars, hear the melodies play, the notes that show us the way“. There was no way for me not to crank this track as loudly as possible to truly embrace every bit of exquisite expression that this track has to offer. From vocal elegance to stunning instrumentals, there was no aspect of this song that had me mumbling or grumbling at all. The latest track is a song that could easily fuel any adventurer’s mind and memory, earning its title track status with comforting ease not only through its cinematic composition but, the fantastical music video to match.

XANDRIA on The Wonders Still Awaiting:
The Wonders Still Awaiting is very diverse and includes many different influences. We had a lot of things – little musical dreams – in our minds and hearts that we wanted to realize, and along with what you already heard in the first two new songs this is just one of them. There will be quite some more surprises coming…”

You can pre-order your own copy of The Wonders Still Awaiting via the link, and you can also check out the band for news, behind the scenes, and tour announcements via their website, Bandcamp, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!