Axe-wielding, mead-drinking, village-pillaging legends Brothers of Metal return with an explosive new track titled “Berserkir“! Previously known for their infectious and inspiring tunes like “Prophecy of Ragnarok“, and the horn-raising classic “The Mead Song”, Brothers of Metal bring the poetry and prose of the Norse pantheon back to life.

After two best-selling albums, Prophecy of Ragnarok (2018) and Emblas Saga (2020), there was no denying the Brothers of Metal would once again have fans picking up their shields and swords and running into battle to one of their anthems once more. Fighting their way through the sea of new releases, and crushing singles, a new era has awakened within the band; summoning their own berserk-level of strength, the Brothers of Metal have brothers, sisters, and vikings alike heeding the call at nearly 750k monthly listeners.

My own discovery of the band came at the hands of a random YouTube playlist a few years back that put the title track “Prophecy of Ragnarok” right at the top. Easily captivated, I followed along, raising my fist to song after song like “Yggdrasil” and “Sleipnir“. The mixture of Norse-retelling (one of my favourite topics and interests), and Power Metal had no one fooled, I was completely on board and ready to join them in battle if they even so much as chuckled about it.

I was captivated enough to pre-order Emblas Saga that held its own blend of tradition from the Poetic Edda brilliantly expressed in song and melody. With new singles like “Njord” enslaving audiences, and “Powersnake” becoming a growing ‘ear-worm’, it was hard not to pin down a favourite on this album. Slower ballads like “Weaver of Fate” and the gentle “Kaunaz Dagaz” added a new layer to the band’s composition and brought old and new together as one.

Once more, the Brothers of Metal stoke the flames of stories untold with one of their heaviest tracks to date – “Berserkir“! Taking up the tale of the ancient Berserkers, true to their madness and lethality, the band once again places power in their lyrical story-telling abilities.

Man or Beast? Destruction released” – is only a fraction of the lyrics that really grind out the sharpness of this track. Keeping the POWER in Power Metal while diving into the depths to get some heaviness. The lyrical prowess of this track is blistered with cataclysmic breakdowns and spine-severing guitar solos. Banshee cries echo out to the call of the Berserkir as the double-kickers ring the final bell – calling an end to the bloodshed and battle but, the Berserkir doesn’t stop.

Not only does this track go absolutely mad with heavy drums and vibrant vocal range but, the accompanying lyric video is filled with fiery images of battle, blood, and destruction. It’s a head-banger in an instant with a story that’s bound to get your adrenaline pumping and the melody to fuel it along.

You can stream, or purchase “Berserkir” via the link. And don’t forget to check out the AFM records shop for Brothers of Metal merch! You can also follow the band via their Facebook, Instagram, and their website for news, updates, and tour announcements!