On the eve of Halloween, Russian Neoclassical/Melodic Metal fantasy, Dreamworld, debuted their new single “Д​ь​я​в​о​л в д​в​у​х ш​а​г​а​х / The Devil in Two Steps Away“. This debut, as a result of the dedication and hard work of musicians Alexander Cheremisin, Dmitry Godnya, and guest vocalist of Anton Gruzinsky (Restless Mind) was positively received by Power Metal fanatics and critics across the globe.

No strangers to collaboration, these bands have worked together on previous projects as only a few months earlier, they had combined forces to bring “Death Awaits You!” to fans – a notorious cover of Blind Guardian‘s “Welcome to Dying“. The band, that had started out in Barnaul, Russia in 2007 (as Dark Eternity), returned to the home studio of Konstantin Korotaev to record “The Devil in Two Steps Away” where vocals were recorded by Dmitry Mashkov, and lyrics were traditionally written by Alexander Hololovich, with music by Dmitry Godnya.

The track itself is an intriguing bit of musical composition, with elements of Power, Classical, and Progressive fusing together to create an epic tale told in a serious of intricate notes and melodic force. Reminiscent of a 64-bit RPG, the music cascades down dungeon walls, dragging listeners deeper and darker through the ruins of an ancient tomb. What’s to be discovered beyond the light of fading sconces is one of shadow and fear, rich in the velvet crimsons of terror itself – The Devil. While my Russian is non-existent, the vocal fury compliments the ferocity of the backing melody, with hammering riffs and heavy keys playing out the story with fervor.

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