Dark Folk duo, NYTT LAND unveils their western-inspired version of “The Blues of Ragnarok” with a brand new video! Taken from their new EP Ritual: Blood of the West that debuted November 18th, 2022 via Napalm Records, this track is as enticing as it is strange. A cocked eyebrow and narrow gaze comes as no surprise to NYTT LAND but, this variant track takes things beyond the peculiar and curious, to lands filled with gold, and cups filled with moonshine.

Originally released on their latest album Ritual, the song “The Blues of Ragnarok” has been redone, and shifted to have a more western-style feel and inspiration. Adorned in western wear, from the cowboy hat to the boots, NYTT LAND takes this version beyond inspiration, creating an old-world experience, while still utilizing their signature sound. Combining their mesmerizing throat singing skill with rich acoustics, velvet tune and melodic pieces, this piece immediately pulls listeners, both old and new, into the realm they’ve created.
NYTT LAND state on “The Blues Of Ragnarok”:
“I think we made the best soundtrack for Ragnarok. Drink your moonshine and let’s go dancing with the spirits under the big silver moon.”

With their deep-rooted traditions and connection to nature, NYTT LAND turns its sights on new horizons, spreading their wings and soaring from the north lands to warmer shores in a five song journey across the prairies. Venturing into the spanning western frontiers with their new EP Ritual: Blood of the West, that debuted yesterday via Napalm Records, this EP twists the tracks previously released on Ritual with the Gothic folk style, and re-fashioned them to fit the west. Refusing to stray from their faith and themes of ancient legends, NYTT LAND merely reconfigured them to a sound more fitting of the west, with the opening song “Dark Country Ritual” not only unveiling their dedication to their own traditions but, brilliantly introduces the EP with an ethereal rise – one that takes the listener beyond sound, to a realm that conveys more than tranquility and harmony but, to one with new sights to see and feel. With the scent of tobacco in the air, and the fall of smoke upon wooden steps, “Song of U-Gra” shows off the band’s vocal prowess through their curious chants, offering more than the sense of deep breaths but, one of unity, and soul-searching. “Dead Man’s Ballad” yelps like the lone wolf, calling out to anyone or anything that would listen but, remaining in shade; with a blend of strings and vocals that remind us of the band’s folk essence, this track harnesses nature to its core. Closing out the EP is “Blood of the West” that holds up the acoustics in guitar instrumentals that bring reminiscence on the west, and the stories that came from those lands, leaving listeners captivated, calm, and caught up in the rustling of wind through grass, and the song birds in the sky.

NYTT LAND on the new EP:
“We’ve said many times that country and blues music are some of our favorite music genres. This EP is our tribute and memory to those great musicians who stood at the very origins of American country and blues music, those whose music inspires us daily. For us, working on this album has become the most unusual, but at the same time extremely interesting experience. And we really love that we did it!”

Natasha “Baba Yaga” Pakhalenko – vocal, throat singing, drums, percussion, flutes, programming
Anatoly “Shaman” Pakhalenko – vocal, throat singing, tagelharpa, mouth-harp, percussion, horn, programming

You can follow the band through their Facebook and Instagram for news, announcements, and more! And don’t forget to snag your own copy of Ritual: Blood of the West via Napalm Records or NYTT LAND on Bandcamp!