It seems odd to say that it’s been 15 years since Tarja Turunen stepped away from Nightwish, breaking the hearts of fans and stunning the Metal community across the world – but, her vocal prowess didn’t stop there. New beginnings, rebirth, and the rise from ashes came with the debut of her solo career and the return of our Angel who fell first.

Previously unreleased, “Eye of the Storm” comes on the unveiling of Tarja’s “Best of Tarja: Living the Dream” album due to debut December 2nd, 2022 via earMUSIC. The album will feature popular tracks from all six of her previously released studio albums including: My Winter Storm, What Lies Beneath, Colours In The Dark, The Brightest Void, The Shadow Self, and In The Raw.

Tarja said: “It’s amazing to think that it’s been 15 years since I started my solo career. So many beautiful moments, unbelievable. It has been a dream to put together this Best Of. And I really hope that you will enjoy this as much as I did while making it.

Best Of: Living The Dream‘ contains my favorites rock tracks, from all six studio albums. To celebrate this special moment in my life, I am happy to share my brand-new single “Eye Of The Storm”, that will be included in the Best Of, with you today!”

This track starts in a classical, defining, yet unexpected tone; waltzing its way into our ears with violins, and orchestrations known to Opera yet, common to Tarja‘s foundations as well. As her vocals carry in, we feel the intensity grow with the thunder of drums, and the soaring calls. “When I’m reborn, in the unknown, I can be never, never gone,” not only define her career, stepping away from one moment to be reborn anew but, a feeling all too relatable to those of us looking to take the leap forward.

We are blessed by carving riffs, banging drums, and orchestrations that seem fitting and all too pleasing to our ears, having come to know Tarja and the twists and turns her musical career has taken us on. From the passionate, explosive highs we became familiar with in Nightwish, to the snarling lows that dig claws into us, there is no escaping the elegance, ferocity, and beauty that is Tarja Turunen and her vocal adroitness.

You can pre-order your own copy of “Best Of: Living the Dream” here in a variety of formats to suit your own listening taste. Tarja is preparing her ‘Christmas Together 2022 tour‘ starting on December 1st, 2022 in Germany, and you can purchase tickets via the link. You can check out more including updates and announcements via Tarja‘s website, as well as her Facebook page where she regularly posts videos, and teasers for events and releases.