In times of great conflict, science has been the key cog in the ever advancing war machine. WWI saw some of the greatest advances in scientific discovery and evolution, with land, sea and sky becoming weaponized in a manner never before seen. This new EP titled “Weapons of the Modern Age” sheds light on the devastation and powerful strategies used for battle, and to open the release of this titan comes the first track “Father“.

This EP is the first of a trilogy entitled “Echoes Of The Great War” brought to us by legendary Power Metallers, Sabaton, with “Heroes Of The Great War” and “Stories From The Western Front” soon to follow.

The chorus brings forth the horrendous reminder of the deadly gases that swept over no man’s land, with lyrics “Father of Toxic Gas and Chemical Warfare, his dark creation has been revealed,” scraping the surface of the horrors that soon come to realization on, “flow over no man’s land, a poisonous nightmare, a deadly mist on the battlefield.”

For those who do not recall, the three chemical gasses created were Mustard, Chlorine, and Phosgene, with Mustard gas often striking the most memory. Not only can these gasses cause permanent respiratory disease, shortness of breath, and coughing but also severe damage to the eyes, as well as burns and blisters to the skin. Over-exposure can cause fluid build up, and even result in death.
(Information gathered from CDC website)

The official lyric video not only features the stark contrast of illuminated liquid advancements in Chemical creation against the pales of a War-torn landscape but, the heaviness of mist and moon that settle over the dead who stood as the guinea pigs to these ‘discoveries’.

Once again, Sabaton does not fail in bringing musical prowess to the horrors of War, strengthening our knowledge and our memory in hopes that this level of advancement is never seen, nor utilized against fellow man again.

You can snag your own copy of “Weapons of the Modern Age” via the link, and find out more about the upcoming EP trilogy via Sabaton‘s very own website.

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