Doom Metal Giants Candlemass have only recently announced the release of their new album, Sweet Evil Sun, due to debut November 18th, 2022 via Napalm Records. To follow through on their unrivaled legacy in the distinctive The Door to Doom (2019), and proving once again that they still hold the throne as one of the heaviest metal bands on the planet, Candlemass brings doom and gloom to the Metal universe.

“The kings of doom are back and in a big way! Sweet Evil Sun is a black gem of the genre: powerful production, pounding drums, rough guitar sound and well felt vocal harmonies. 9 solid songs plus an outro to remind us that CANDLEMASS are the Black Sabbath of my generation, they are the ones
who carry this heavy legacy and they do it with epic glory.”

(Vorph – SAMAEL founder, singer & guitarist)

Having brought down the hammer in the first single “Scandinavian Gods“, Candlemass now reveal the title track off their upcoming album, thrusting the sword-edge of Doom deeper and proving that, even after nearly four decades of power, their creativity knows no end. “Sweet Evil Sun” brings in the wail of guitar distortion before dropping into the mud of dragging riffs as Johan Langquist trills through the depths, darkening verses, and building to a catchy chorus. The vocal prowess which he displays fit each impending riff and note seamlessly; almost allowing himself to become one with the instrumentals. The brand new video unveils a barrier of sound in such a manner that it only adds adrenaline to the excitement now vibrating within their fans.

Through ear-bleeding riffs, unstoppable vocal prowess, blood, sweat, and tears for the classic Heavy Metal foundations, “Sweet Evil Sun” is sure to shimmer as an untouchable monument to the endless legend built through the Doom cult that is Candlemass.

Leif Edling on “Sweet Evil Sun”:     
“It took me only an hour or so to write, but it turned out to be not only the title track of Sweet Evil Sun, but also one of the best songs on it!
Nice riff, great chorus and one heck of a guitar solo from Lars! Immediate, epic, heavy, catchy! It kicks ass!!”

Leif Edling on the new album:       
Sweet Evil Sun is about hope, striving, adoration and failure. It’s about all the personal battles that you have, but also the never-ending decay of humanity.

The record took over a year to make and there’s not a bad track on it! We had a fantastic time recording it and are really looking forward to the release. It’s Doom, It’s Metal! It is the essence of Candlemass put into one album!”

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Sweet Evil Sun Tracklist:

  1. Wizard Of The Vortex
  2. Sweet Evil Sun
  3. Angel Battle
  4. Black Butterfly
  5. When Death Sighs
  6. Scandinavian Gods
  7. Devil Voodoo
  8. Crucified
  9. Goddess
  10. A Cup Of Coffin (Outro)