This track is an instant jaw-dropper.

Toronto-based Genre Fluid Solo Artist, and Metal-monger Sam Astaroth (Iomair, formerly Astaroth Incarnate) drops yet another outstanding track, showcasing his solo work and skill on the newly released “Dualism”. Produced by Kristof Bathory (Dawn of Ashes) the eeriness of this track combines a mutual love of the Anime, Hellsing, alongside Dark Music, Dark Fantasy Gaming, and Demonic Nature. Built on the contrast of Principles vs. Dedication in Human Nature, and their unity as one while still remaining as opposition, the depth in both music and songwriting on this track are next level.

Combining Aggrotech sound effects, Dark Synth, and a mixture of Industrial, Black, and Death Metal elements, this track feels more like a credit scene for the end of a traumatizing horror game along the lines of greats like Fatal Frame, or Clocktower. The ambiance in this track is only amplified by Sam’s vocals, dragging through the lyrics in a scratching whisper that sinks into the crevices of your mind and soul, dancing upon them to not only make you think but, stir.

Not only has Sam shown progressive growth since his time with Astaroth Incarnate but, determination and exploration as well. Dabbling in a mix of elements and genres, Sam chooses to embrace the seen and obscene when choosing the melodies to fit his next song. From Rap to Metal and anywhere in between, Sam’s diversity in his musical journey is not only admirable but astonishing. He shows unyielding passion in exceeding his past accomplishments by pushing the boundaries of what we come to know in the Musical world, combining eerie harsh vocals with insane highs while simultaneously mixing in synthesizers and new wave sound effects to create atmosphere and harmonious ‘noise’.

This song was an easy ear-worm for me, flowing along with the sort of sound I like to write alongside, building tension while creating a dark atmosphere that I can not only channel but embrace all my own. While Sam has his own take, embracing his influences and inspirations, he is not without offering up the freedom to explore the track all your own. With infectious lyrics and dynamic vocal range, Sam once again proves that you are only held back by your own determination.

You can check out more music from Sam via his YouTube or by following him on Bandcamp

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