This is no joke.

April 1st saw Tommy once more put his vocal prowess into high gear with his redone cover of “Alone” by Heart. You’ve heard this song time and time again, on the radio driving down the road, in a Karaoke bar, and you’ve likely heard someone humming it randomly down the street. While the original slammed Heart into a number one spot on the US charts, this cover is nothing short of stunning.

“A new recorded version of the song I sang 2009 when I won the Swedish Karaoke Championship. I’ve always loved this song and it was about time to record it for real.”

Tommy’s vocals are something of another world. With his ability to bring us heart-breaking lows and jaw-dropping highs in a seamless transition time after time, it’s no wonder he keeps gracing us with these outstanding covers.

When he hits the chorus of this song, his vocal performance shoots for the stars. Having previously covered Gary Moore favourites, including the recent cover of “Out In The Fields” (which, naturally, I loved), we once more see Tommy take on the challenge of hitting notes and dragging them out for extended, emotional breakdowns. Slap on Tommy’s vicious guitar skills, and you can’t help but be blown away by this classic 1987 track that still lingers in our minds today.

I am consistently picking my jaw up off the floor after each one of these covers debuts, and it’s hard for me not to review each and every one but, if you can’t tell, I’m always left in absolute awe by Tommy’s performances.

You can find more of Tommy’s covers via his YouTube channel, and don’t forget to listen to the original track by Heart to make your own comparison!