Belgian Extreme Metal outfit, Evil Invaders throw more gas on the fire with their anthem-like track, and third single, “Die For Me” – the final horseman in their siege of neck-breaking energy unleashed before the band dropped their newest album ‘Shattering Reflection’ that debuted April 1st, 2022 via Napalm Records.

The album follows the path paved by previous releases ‘Feed Me Violence’ (2017), which shattered listeners worldwide and was ranked 9/10 by Deaf Forever, 9/10 for Powerpress, and 9/10 for Rock Tribune in International Press.

EVIL INVADERS on “Die For Me”:
“’Die For Me’ was the first video script I actually wrote out before we recorded the video. Working with a crew that executed the visual aspect of it exactly as I had it in mind was just killer! The song itself has a strong rock’n’roll vibe with a lot of anger and insanity mixed into it. I opened some dark and wicked doors my mind while writing this song…
Now tell me what you’re gonna do…”

The music video is both terrifying and fun in its performance with the classic Metal look bringing the stereotypical fright and the POV clips ramping up the energy behind the lyrics. As if they needed any help, the band is shown at multiple, shifting angles under green and red light adding to the spooky atmosphere and cranking the fun meter up to 11.

Add in some cheesy lightning effects from a busted electric chair, some wild UV contact lenses, and an abandoned factory and you get this horror-esque thrasher of a track. Joe’s appearance makes it look like he climbed straight out of Quentin Tarantino’s “From Dusk Till Dawn” with the blood and gore additions to accompany his menacing appearance adding a touch of authenticity to his crazed desires.

Vocals are high octane throughout, and the energy the band brings makes me want to blow out my speakers blasting this track over and over again. Between the infectious riffs, hammering drums, and sky-high vocals, this track is sure to make you die trying to get a hold of it.

You can order your own copy of Shattering Reflection out now!