To a walk a path many fear to tread, and be urged forward by the sound of rain, the rush of wind, and the sense of mystery, is to feel the essence of magic like no other. Faun join forces with Folk Metallers Eluveitie to breath life anew into an old Welsh poem about battling the Lord of the Underworld. This perfect blend of ethereal calm and heightened chaos paint a story so vivid and bright that it’s difficult not to fall under its spell.

In classic Welsh Folklore, Gwydion is a Trickster, Magician, and Hero. In the Welsh Mabinogion he is the son of the Goddess Dôn; he is a master of magic and poetry but, can sometimes be a suspicious character. WolfDieter Storl who is a German-American cultural Anthropologist is the perfect depiction of the character, and he plays his part with unwavering dedication.

The music video takes us deep into the ancient woods, thick with myth and magic that emerges with beauty and mystery as Laura’s voice rises against the ethereal melody. To embrace and summon the Gods of old, the Trees, to stand and fight by Gwydion’s side.

Eluveitie joins in just over the halfway mark to bring the intensity and chaos as the forest grows dim and night settles in with a hastened darkness. Chrigel’s harsh vocals are a perfect contrast to Laura’s light airy notes, depicting the battle of good and evil, with a ferocious and enigmatic delight.

I was absolutely enthralled with this track after my fist initial listen during its premiere. It has all the blends of Celtic notes at its core, harmonizing to build an entrancing melody of hurdy-gurdy, gentle but deep drumming, and passionate vocals that not only captivate but, linger as well.

“Gwydion” will be featured on Faun’s upcoming album ‘Pagan’ that drops April 22nd, 2022 via Nuclear Blast! You can pre-order your copy here!