The latest single from the upcoming album “Fishing For An Apparition”, Iomair adds a spin on their usual Folk Metal feel, with guest vocals from Johnny No Cash features on this track. It’s reminiscent of Dropkick Murphys with the Folky Feel, touched by Alestorm’s intensity, and brimming with a ton of fun.

This is track that quickly takes you by the arm, and pulls you onto the floor to participate in a drunken jig in some down home port-side Tavern, or Pub. It’s a song that definitely unifies, whether you’re dancing, toe-tapping, or head-banging, you’re moving along nonetheless.

I love the speed, and rustic melody this track has. It’s something you could put on in the background that folks will claim to have heard eons ago, and new listeners will easily want to know more about. It’s almost more traditional in sound and feel which is admirable for bands to still want to tackle with the more recent shift in the industry. It’s simple but, that doesn’t make it dull in the slightest with added touches of Heavy Metal both in vocals and breakdowns.

This is the second single released from the album, with the previous, “Last Buccaneers of the Scarborough Inn” dropping earlier last month. With only the second track being revealed, and both songs already portraying fun and memorable adventures, I truly cannot wait for the rest of the album and what I’ll find myself dancing along to.

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