Only recently have I begun to discover the magic that is Divide Music, who has turned a number of Anime and Video Games, and their characters, into the inspiration for his one-man musical creations. Having started his YouTube channel in late 2017, he managed to quickly amass more than 50,000 subscribers that quickly jumped to more than 80,000 listeners across all streaming platforms to today, reaching nearly 250k on YouTube alone.

He’s tackled Animes such as Bleach, Demon Slayer, and even Re:Zero but, has also dabbled in inspirations such as The Witcher as well, touching on everything from Heavy Metal to Rap in his exploration of musical genres.

His latest track is dedicated to the character ‘Guts’ from one of the darkest and most memorable Animes to date – Berserk. The track begins with the signature line “Whoever fights Monsters, should see to it, that in the process he, does not become… a Monster.”

The track starts light, dabbling on an almost acoustic feel as the lyrics weigh in heavily with thoughts of darkness, depression, and losing hope. As the build comes toward the chorus, you can feel the ‘pressure’ of the song, and the character, to rise up and defeat both his inner Demons and the Demons before him.

There’s solid rhythm, epic guitars, and perfectly synced clips from the series to match with the lyrical prowess. It’s a short track but, one that’s got a heavy impact, especially for fans still reeling from the death of Berserk’s creator, Kentaro Miura (RIP) and the uncertainty of Berserk’s future. It’s musically descriptive, passionate, and perfectly paired with a series that’s become one of the Anime and Manga GREATS of our time.

For more of Divide Music’s epic creations, head over to his YouTube channel for some more video treats. And if you’re just into the music, check out his Spotify below!

Divide Music’s YouTube Channel

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