Coming off their Worlds Collide tour with Evanescence after numerous reschedules and postponed dates, Within Temptation bring us an intense new music video titled “The Fire Within” featuring performance clips, and their journey on the road thus far. From interviews, to meet and greets, to birthdays, Within Temptation touch on the emotions, the experiences, and the road ahead.

After seeing them open for Iron Maiden back in October, I couldn’t deny my love for Within Temptation was still going strong. Having missed their shows after their 2014 The Unforgiving Tour, I was eager and excited to see them perform again. With a number of new songs under their belt including “Raise Your Banner” and “Entertain You!” I was absolutely enthralled to see they still had the energy and power as they did all those years prior.

Their new track titled “The Fire Within” seems to bring the joys, and experiences of touring life back to our eyes. With two years of tours, festivals, live shows, meet and greets, and much more on hiatus for the Musical (and our own) world, the bits and pieces that are displayed for our us offer warmth, relief, and hope.

The introductory verses, “This is what I wanted. Nothing’s gonna change it. This is what it’s all about. Gotta keep believing. This is why I am breathing, nothing else on my mind,” puts the experience of it all in the spotlight. To be back up on stage, listening to the cheers of the crowd, seeing the excited faces; the tears, the smiles, the passion – it’s all coming out. The flood gates re-open and Within Temptation do a mesmerizing job at capturing every inch.

Not only is the video a great reflection on their touring experiences but, the lyrical message painted within allows us to flow through the changes. The doubt, the hopes and dreams, what the future may hold. There’s still worry, and still changes coming, and with that the growing feeling that what happened two years ago could soon be upon us once more. But, “All my doubts are fading. I feel my mind is straining. Rushing to the edge and I let myself go,” gives us more meaning, and more of a push to keep pressing on.

Within Temptation continues to inspire. Their energy and optimism is contagious. With their anthem-like hits, and their progressive mindset, there is no telling where they will go in the future. We do know, however, that it will be on stage, and it will be with fire and electricity.

No, I’m not going under. It’s going down with the thunder.”

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