On July 29th, Sam Astaroth an epic new track titled “Hollowed Out” featured as an AMV in collaboration with Toronto-based rapper Kirin Kira. Striking on notes of burn out, and pushing to keep up with a fast-paced lifestyle, this track hits home for many.

Having met on tiktok through a mutual enjoyment of the duet group $uicideboy$, Kirin Kira and Astaroth decided to focus their collaborative efforts on aspects of Dark Trap, Hip-Hop, and and Atmospheric Extreme Metal. With the assistance of Ukrainian based Helli, they produced an epic AMV to follow the track featuring one of their favourite Animes – Tokyo Ghoul. The track itself focuses on the character of Kaneki, and his battles and struggles moving forward that fit with the lyrics of this track all too well.

“I’m looking at the mirror. I’m still broken and fractured! Stuck up in a vicious cycle, cannot get out, I made this home a hell.” are lines many of us can relate to when we’re feeling caught up in an endless cycle of repetition in a mundane reality.

However, lines like “even though, everything the same everyday, I don’t fear what I feel” which can penetrate deep into the soul to aid us in pushing through the cycles of depression and anxiety many of us feel to go beyond expectations and rotation and become something more.

Struggling through every-day activities to the point of feeling overwhelmed, and hollowed out, this song captures those emotions and coaxes out a method of resolve. That when the world seems to break you, there’s still a way upward. This song challenges the reality of an ever-gloomy atmosphere, helping you to move forward, no matter the obstacles in your way.

You can catch all the new releases Astaroth has put out thus far over on his YouTube channel. You can also check out more on his Shop and grab “Hollowed Out” via Bandcamp and other services!