Progressive Metal connoisseurs, ArseA, are back with a brand new single after what seems like an eternity behind the curtain. “Nothing to Lose” is the first single released from the band’s second studio album titled “Order of Mantis” – a concept album orchestrated by keyboardist Ivan Fusco. Having begun its recording in 2020, and coming to a close in late 2021 due to quarantine restrictions, the band hopes to ignite a new fire in both fans and themselves.

No strangers to the International spotlight, ArseA have shared the stage with Metal greats like Infected Rain, Children of Bodom, PAIN, Epica and more! Both passionate about their work, and their fanbase, the band prides itself as being as personal and down-to-earth as possible, ensuring their music explores imagination but, their feet stay on the ground.

“Nothing to Lose” starts out on a very alternative level, allowing us to reacquaint ourselves with ArseA rather than barraging us from head-to-toe right off the bat. It’s as if a ballad is being mixed with an epic, to tell the piece of a story, the origin, of a darkness that has come to be. The background image that clips through, zooming in on pieces of the puzzle from onlookers to hero, give us a brief glance at the mayhem awaiting this new album.

Vocals have risen to a new level, with brilliant holds to further the epic story-line, and masterful guitars bringing in the back to keep emotions high. There’s a touch of old-school in the melody, bringing up legendary guitars and shattering drums that really nail down the passion of this track.

“Nothing to Lose” is but a taste of what’s to come for ArseA, and I can’t wait to come back for more! You can find more from ArseA via their YouTube or their linktree here which includes Spotify, Amazon, and more! And don’t forget to pre-order your own copy of the upcoming “Order of Mantis” out July 29th, 2022!!