UK-based Doom Metallers ALUNAH unveil their newest album “Strange Machine” through a 9-track collection of groovy, doom sound and expression. It’s a summary of survival through the last two years of the pandemic, written and rehearsed throughout, while also tackling numerous personal struggles.

Consisting of members Sian Greenaway (vocals), Matt Noble (guitar), Daniel Burchmore (Bass), and Jake Mason (drums), ALUNAH’s “Strange Machine” is nothing shy of a strange and psychedelic musical journey.

The title track, “Strange Machine” takes a Star Trek vibe to its introduction, slowly throwing in the low guitars to build the metal atmosphere. It’s very 70’s in its sound and inspirations, with doom roots in its melody and rhythm coming through. This track utilizes high note riffs and vocals to carry the tune through the stratosphere, quickly pulling in listeners both old and new.

“Over the Hills” has a classic heavy metal feel to its entry on this album. It’s got a steady rhythm that makes you headbang along with the epic riffs and wicked drumbeats. A rich guitar solo comes through at nearly 2 and a half minutes with heavy strings before rising into a performance of technical charm. It’s got a Black Sabbath-style sound and is definitely one of my favourites on the album.

Tracks like “Psychedelic Expressway” crank up the album with groovy melody and smooth vocals that make this track sound like it’s straight out of a California-bound road trip mixtape. You get the guitars, the 70’s flute tune, and a solid beat that really carry this song to another dimension both mentally and spiritually.

“The Earth Spins” really gets into the nitty gritty, featuring Shane Weasley (Crowbar) on guitars and using full riff explosions to crank up the heaviness in this album. Sian’s vocals are low and unearthly as they get down to business with beautiful harmonies and tantalizing highs. The rhythmic exploration this track goes on is stunning, with tone changes and shifts moving seamlessly from one beat to the next. Even the acoustic-style low fits in smoothly, caressed by haunting vocals and guitars that string us along in slow, romantic progression.

Taking us on a run with wild riffs and rapid drums is “Silver” that gives us the old-school metal feel. Sian’s vocals on this are utter perfection as she holds harmony and note with balanced interval changes. From highs to lows, the sound vocally and instrumentally is flawless, taking us on a starship ride through the stars. It’s got astronomical solos, terrific build-up, and a tremendous breakdown that quickly earned this track my favour.

“Teaching Carnal Sins” is a very dance-like track that gets your body moving. The vocal strength on this track is explosive with wicked screams, cloud-like highs, and mellow lows that lure you in. The simple guitars keep you head-bopping while the steady, heavy drums grab your attention. This track is haunting with ease, with lyrics and a hook that really get it stuck on your mind.

In all, this album blew me away. I’m not much into Doom Metal but this album really hit a lot of highs for me. With its groovy melodies, talented vocals, and wicked rhythms it was hard not to enjoy. It’s got a range of songs fit for every listener ranging from low and slow drags to high-flying vocals and riffs that are sure to appease even the most critical listeners.

You can grab a copy of this jaw-dropper here – Alunah

Favourite Tracks: Over the Hills, Silver, Teaching Carnal Sins.