Marking the next step in Sam Astaroth’s solo venture, “Demoncore” debuted on June 29th, 2022 and left ‘Spawns’ in complete awe. Once again pulling influences from genres like Dark Trap, to Industrial and Black Metal found in bands like GHOSTMANE, $UICIDEBOY$, IC3PEAK, and Slipknot, “Demoncore” is Sam’s answer to unapologetically being and believing in yourself.

For anyone facing discrimination based on Race, Sexual Orientation, Gender, Body Image, Skin Colour, and so much more, this is a track where Sam stands beside you, encouraging you to stand tall and be proud of who you are. No matter how you’ve been demonized, he empowers you to embrace the dark nature within and unleash your light upon the world.

No stranger to the metal scene, Sam has shared the stage with the likes of Lindsay Schoolcraft, Arkona, and The Agonist, even working alongside a few to see his musical journey continue. On July 6th, the accompanying music video was released, and it has left fans blood-thirsty for more.

This track pulls Sam’s experience as a vocalist front and center, letting him touch on his inspirations and aspirations, from growls to rap, in seamless transition. From frightening lows, summoning Demons from the very bowels of Hell, to scratching the cloud-protected Heavens with his screams, this song is one that boils your blood, and leaves you itching for more. The musical ambiance in the background allows for Sam to fully express his beliefs in emotional vocalization, unmasked by over-powered guitars or drums and simply embraced by the beat at his back.

The video itself is both frightening and provocative, caressing our inner darkness with clawed fingers and intoxication. Demonic Ritual is at the helm, with a Summon gone all too well to reveal the Demon that is Sam Astaroth. A moment I must add to my personal favourites is the bit of black liquid pooling from Sam’s mouth down unto his worshiper like some Satanic blessing. While I’m not a fan of the erratic camera movement throughout, I acknowledge that it plays a part in intensifying the emotion behind this track, to truly allow for its impact to be seen and felt by fans. Sam truly embraces his Demonic roots, letting the darkness within take hold for one of his most intense performances yet.

Sam’s musical creations never cease to astound me, with creative blends being pulled from the darkest depths of a variety of genres to birth new terror in the form of music. This track is short but, far from sweet, giving us only a taste of what awaits Sam and his solo career, providing only a pebble on his fire-paving pathway to the stars.

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