On May 31st, In This Moment’s 2017 track from the album ‘Ritual’ saw rebirth through T.P.M.F. Extras music video release for “Witching Hour”. ‘Ritual’ is the sixth studio album from the band, and this track bows to the concept of a Witch during the Salem Witch Trials.

A track that notes the superstitious, fear, and jealousy while letting Maria’s vocals come into focus beyond her harsh growls and malicious screams. This is a song that easily found its way buried into the crevices of your mind.

Symbols of ritualistic nightmares, prodded by the flames of desire are prominent throughout this new vision for the song, letting the lyrics play out alongside the imagery. Dark forests, and forces from beyond come into the foreground to fully embrace ‘the Witching hour’ and the imperfect fairy tale in our heart.

You can find more from T.P.M.F. Extras via their YouTube. You can find more from In This Moment, and even grab your own copy of ‘Ritual’ here !