When Swedish Heavy Metallers combine their powers, they can create some of the most mesmerizing music imaginable. This comes as no surprise with The Halo Effect that features former members of bands like In Flames, Dark Tranquility, and Cyhra.

Debuting their first single, “Shadowminds” on November 9th, 2021, we were given little more than a tease on what was to await us on the Shadowminds album. After nearly hitting more than 1 million views worldwide, it seemed it was time to unleash the fury, and give us “Feel What I Believe” on January 21st, 2022.

This video is a creative blend of all musical backgrounds combined. It’s immediately fiery and heavy, giving us the typical In Flames riffs that soar high and capture us from the start. The vocals definitely ring in the Dark Tranquility past with the mix of harsh growls and low screams, mixed with catchy lyrics “If only you could see me now,” put on repeat until you’re singing along, and bopping your head from midway on.

We get powerful punches of mighty drums, and some killer, yet expected, solos that make us feel spoiled, as if we’ve come full circle with Gothenburg sound. The video puts a feature on each musician and their skill, with close-ups on fret work, stance, and head-banging, of course.

Even if you came in expecting everything you heard, the tune is still catchy, and you’re still tempted to put it on a playlist or two, or at least not skip it when it shows up. It’s definitely an album now on my pre-order list. And all it took was some classic sound, and consistency.