There’s few bands in this world that make such a timeless impact on our musical inspirations. Bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Black Sabbath are known world-wide for their Heavy Metal influence on bands from the early 80’s and onward. But, few sing the praises of bands like Manowar.

The 1980’s born Heavy Metal band from America forged a pathway with fantasy-based lyrics and tales of Norse and Greek legend that continues to hold power in the Metalverse. Their legacy is repeatedly reborn through bands like Sabaton covering songs like “Kingdom Come”, and now, FEUERSCHWANZ with their version of “Warriors of the World” that debuted on YouTube December 6th, 2021 and has already amassed more than 190,000 views.

With the talents of musicians like Melissa Bonny (Ad Infinitum), Saltatio Mortis, and Thomas Winkler lending their voices to the band, they unite to become the Warriors of the World – united both physically and musically.

Typical fantasy garb adorns our Warriors, with pieces of Medieval, Viking, and Pirate armour making appearances. That armour, is not outdone by varieties of warpaint, and accompanying swords and shields. We see our fearsome warriors circling, preparing through training and sparring to signify their determination. The stage is set, and the battle is about to begin.

There is no lack of epicness in this video; with powerful bagpipes, drums, and guitars echoing into the air and warrior cries beckoning us to join in. Clips of battle pace the video throughout, spanning from Viking pits to Knights on a crusade, there is ferocity and strength yet, a light-hearted playfulness about it all. There’s fog, firelight, and even a castle backdrop to set the atmosphere and the intensity of this song.

Somehow, you find yourself singing along from the beginning, a fan of Manowar, FEUERSCHWANZ, or not. It’s got that catchy tune to its chorus, just like the original with the prowess of guest vocalists and Captain Feuerschwanz himself belting out some of the most wicked high notes to grace all of 2021.

FEUERSCHWANZ’s upcoming deluxe album, “Memento Mori” not only features a second, entire instrumental CD of the 11 tracks but an accompanying 7-song cover album that comes with the original titled Die Glorreichen Sieben (The Magnificent Seven) featuring songs like Blinding Lights, and Twilight of the Thunder God alongside Warriors of the World United.

So, if you’re ready for some epic fantasy-style Metal, give the video a watch. After all…

“Brothers everywhere, raise your hands into the air. We’re warriors – Warriors of the World!”