Welcome friends, metalheads, and curiosities to the newly established Valkyrjian.ca!

First off, thanks for coming! My name is Valkyrjia, or Valky, as some may know and I’ve been working in the Metal Music Scene for more than 2 years now! From concepts, to lyrics, to reviews; I’ve expanded my passion for writing and my love for music and thrown them both together to give you this site!

I wanted to offer something more tangible. There are so many reaction/review videos out there on YouTube and Twitch and I wanted to offer something more my style – in written format! I love what the community has done for one another but, I didn’t want to be another YouTube sensation offering my 2 cents on the latest album, or single, in a 2-minute clip. I’m not the best listener at times, and I know others out there are the same so I’m offering something a bit different. Will there be videos and rants? Absolutely! But, will there also be written articles, galleries, and polls to be had? OF COURSE! That and I’m always open to suggestions as you may have seen over on my submissions page!

I’ll be posting reviews, discussions, insights, and so much more here so stay tuned! I’ve already got a few reviews up so scroll on up and take a look at what I’ve got going on and I hope you stick around!

– Valky.